Dawn Lhamo, (Dawn Boiani- Sandberg) is an eCommerce expert, website designer and artist. She studied Western Art and Webdesign and has created and/or maintained many commercial and nonprofit websites for various Dharma related organizations. She studied Tibetan Art with renowned Karma Gadri Thangka Painter Gega Lama while living in Nepal. She also apprenticed with Cynthia Moku, H.E. Kalu Rinpoche’s Thangka painter, and was her T.A. at Naropa University for a stupa mural project in New Mexico. She completed a degree program in Buddhist Psychology and studied  Writing and Poetry with Allen Ginsberg  at the Jack Kerouac school of Disembodied Poetics at Naropa. Dawn has gone back as a T.A. at  Naropa for various classes.

Dawn’s work has been currently published on the  Yogini Project website as well as a forthcoming book on the Commentary of the Lotus Tantra by Phakchok Rinpoche. Most recently she was commissioned to design a  Dharma Book Cover, title TBA.


Commissioned requests are available for Tibetan Art line drawings.

Dawn has been a practicing Buddhist for over 25 years and is an authorized Meditation Instructor and Reiki Practitioner with her free time.  Currently, Dawn designs Buddhist Mala Prayer Beads and maintains the website for The Breeze of Delight. Recently, she has been creating a new website for the Tibetan Bon Historical Society. Dawn has been assisting to teach meditation in prisons and is the volunteer social media marketer for The Ratna Foundation.


Ekajati Thangka Gouache on Cotton with Gold

  Dawn lives mostly in Boulder, Colorado, and enjoys practicing in silent retreat at her mountain home in Crestone, Colorado.


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